Are you suffering from a joint pain, a pain neck or lower back pain?

Are you tortured from sleepless nights?

Do you have restless legs?

Are you always tired?

Or are you having other chronic problems that must be treated by western medicine, or are you just living with them?

Give me a try, all of these problems are my specialty!

I’m Lucy, I have been a licensed masseuse in Denver since 2010, and I also studied every kind of traditional Chinese healing arts such as Acupressue, Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua Sha and Tui Na in China for many years.
I like meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong and Kung Fu . These practices are balancing my Qi and refreshing my body, which are necessary and important for a good traditional Chinese medicine practitioner like me Healing with therapeutic massage, Qigong and Acupressure!

I have lots of experience in fixing joint pain , muscle pain, sleeplessness, stomach problems, restless legs, dizzy, digestive problems and other chronic issues through acupressure and therapeutic massage!

Appointment preferred!

Contact Lucy at: 720-988-5666
Open every day

Prices for incall 
$50 for 1 hour
$100 for 90 minutes

$120 for 2 hours

Price for outcall
$80 for 1 hour
$100 for 90 minutes

$160 for 2 hours

1400 S Federal Blvd, Denver 80219.( the entrance is at the back or east side of the building)

My Healing Arts

A therapeutic approach using your body’s healing powers.

My Training

I began learning massage and acupressure in 2002 in China along with traditional Chinese medicine and meditation. In addition to massage, I have training of acupressure,cupping, and other Chinese treatment methods.

I offer deep tissue, Chinese Tui na,  acupressure, Swedish, foot reflexology, original point treatment and master tendon treatment.  At my spa or in your home.

Stomach massage and/or acupressure is a typical Chinese medicine brought to us by our ancestors. I  can mix this treatment with body massage or only do this treatment to fix your problems faster.

Cupping is a natural treatment from the ancient Chinese and is a popular alternative medicine nowadays in China. It detoxifies the body by local suction through the vacuum cup attached to the body.

My Blog


Jack came in for help with his sinuses, which especially bothered him in the evening. After only one treatment, he texted me the following day to say that his problem was already getting better!


Mike is 55 years old and wasn’t been able to sleep well for 5 years. Usually he would wake up every 1-2 hours, with difficulty falling asleep again. After his first treatment with acupressure he already slept a bit better, much better after the second, and bow sleeps normally after five treatments. Three months later …

Congested nose

Eric came to let me help his congested nose, he felt very bad recently as his nose was completely blocked. He knows me from when I fixed his gout ,his wife’s stiff neck,and his son’s lower back pain. He  trusted me and again I didn’t disappoint him. Pictures of our dialogues dialogue here: I am …

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