Deal with loneliness and other trouble

When loneliness shows up:

First notice, I am lonely now, watch it, feel it.

Second,   Think who is lonely, who who who….,

Third:  I know I am lonely, but the one I know ” I am lonely ” is not lonely, let’s call it “he.” He knows I am lonely, and he is watching and feeling the loneliness.  He himself is watching and is feeling , but he is clear, he is sober, and he is peaceful.  He is what he is, he is happy, and he is not lonely at all.

When you think this way, your loneliness is gone, as he, or exactly the real of you or me is always peaceful.  He never changed, and will never change!

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  1. Received your massage one hour ago. Feel energized. Somewhat more awake, as if you transferred some of your energy, which of course would include your state of mind & body – outlook, inner peace and tranquility. I gained from learning more about your Lifestyle and Philosophy. I will be back !

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