Neck pain 

Yesterday Bob came to fix his painful neck. He said the pain came and went for many years and got worse in the last several weeks after a car accident. The pain neck made him sleepless. 

He was so surprised that I releaved his neck pain so much in just one session visit.  

His neck pain came back a little bit, so he visited me the second time today, still surprised at the fast healing. 

His text message from yesterday said: “Fabulous! Thanks!”

Scott come for full of pain 

A client, Scott, came back to the spa after not coming in for about half a year. I was glad not to see him for so long because he was pain-free. However, now he was again in a lot of pain in his lower back, the sides of his upper legs and both shoulders. He just left, once again completely out of pain and happy after one treatment! 

Fixing prostatitis by qigong and Acupressure 

I am treating Frank’s prostatitis these days. I just finished the third treatment this morning.

Before my treatment he got up to pee 3-4 times at night and bout every 45 minutes during the daytime.

After the first treatment with my Acupressure and qigong , he got up once at night and peed every 2-3 hours during the day. After the second session he continued the same thing – got up one time at night and every 2-3 hours during the day! It’s amazing!

Fixing Jason’s sleepless

Jason came for his right shoulder pain and several years of lower back pain. I easily fixed both. After fixing the pain, I begin the whole body therapeutic massage. During the touch I asked him if he may have been having sleeping problems. He answered yes. And he said he slept very bad for many years. I told him I can fix it in several sessions. He decided give me a try. 
Just like my prediction, after first session he slept better, after the second he slept good, third – good too, today he finished his fourth session, I felt his body almost return to normal healthy condition.

He is happy. Me too!

Fixing foot pain from accident 

I was able to help the victim of a motorcycle accident yesterday. Julie, who lives in Denver, came into the spa after seeing my ad about my healing techniques and needed help with continual pain in her left foot since it happened two years ago. She left amazed and content after one session, saying she hasn’t this feeling in two years ! And she was so surprised with my treatment! 

I text her to ask her feet after 4 days, the picture is our dialogue:

My free garden -longevity vegetable 

This summer I am eating a wild vegetable called Ma Chi Cai in Chinese, also called longevity vegetable or wu Xing vegetable ( Wu Xing is a basic term and important theory in Chinese medicine, which is also applied to everything. 
Five basic colors are one of the Wu Xing; this Ma Chi Cai is the only plant on the earth that has all five of them. It’s seeds are black, it’s roots are white, the leaves are green, the stems are red and its flowers are yellow. Applying Wu Xing to Chinese medicine, black goes to the kidneys, white to the lungs, green to the liver, red to the heart and yellow goes to the spleen. So this is the only vegetable that nourishes all our five important organs. It’s a popular wild vegetable in China. 

Now you know how nature gives us a longevity vegetable. Plus it’s most easy grow – it’s everywhere, hard to killed in fact! I pick it up every morning in front of my spa , so I appreciate that nature gived me a free garden and I only need to harvest without any work!

Here is the Ma Chi Cai from my natural Garden:

Fix Frank’s knee pain 

 Frank, a nice 65-yr-old gentleman from Lakewood, came to me recently to fix his severe knee pain, despite an operation on one six months prior. When he entered the first time he hobbled slowly, wincing from the pain. When he just entered for the third time he marched in like a soldier to demonstrate the dramatic improvement! 

Fix leg constant pain 

Tom visit me to fix his problem, the following is his writing:
” I had constant pain in my left hamstring and down to my calf muscle. My pain was instantly relieved with Lucy’s acupressure treatment combined with therapeutic massage. She also helped me gain better range of motion in my neck. ”

And he also text me: 

“Hi Lucy! Thank you. I still feel much better after the treatment you gave me. There is still a little sciatica pain but it’s less noticeable. My wife would like to see you sometime soon. What is the latest time in the day that she can get a massage from you? She also need some acupressure.”

Restless legs 

My legs were restless at night, and it was driving me crazy! Very uncomfortable. Lucy did acupressure on me and I was normal again that same night!