I am having an online TCM class

I have been taking online TCM classes recently, as I was looking forward to her teaching for many years! The classed begin at 7:30pm Beijing time, 4:30am here. But every one of her classes are like a festival to me! 
The teacher’s name is Renshu Li, she became popular in China since 1980s with her internet name Da Hui Lang, means Big Gray Wolf, as she is from northern China Haerbin province. Most Chinese who like TCM know Big Gray Wolf 🐺. 
Her teaching is so good, not like most of the teaching which only teaches you one special skill, but she tell you how to go fishing not just to give you one or two fishes, for example. She didn’t teach me how to fix constipation, but I fixed my constipation problem with the logic she taught, and magically, it’s gone after the first class . I had constipation problems for many years, so the first thing I do in the morning is to practice Xianggong, which is one kind of Qigong. Xianggong works as my medicine, I always told my friends. To me, no Xianggong, no bathroom! But now about 20 days have passed without constipation, which had bothered me for many many years! 
I told my teacher this morning: ” I can’t believe I fixed my constipation so easily! Your teaching is magic and TCM is magic! “

I am so happy

The following is a message from my client Scott today:

Good morning can you please send me your website info again? I have been saying how great you are and I have people that want to come see you. You are a true blessing. I will bring you clientele if you need more customers.

I am so happy that i could help 🙂 !!!!………

Parkinson’s disease reacts to cupping treatment

Yesterday one of my client for about seven months came back to me after about two months absence. After a warm and surprised greeting, I begin my “super massage” (super massage and “massage heaven ” are from him). Surprised, I told him “In two months your back and legs turned to so hard?!”. He answered “Yes, I can feel that while you touch me.”. So we can see massage does lots to keep somebody good balanced!

cupping 1-10-17
He is 47 years old , have light Parkinson’s, right hand a little bit shaking some time. According to TCM, all abnormal movement is a problem of the liver. Liver relates the bad energy of Feng (wind) and Feng is related with itchy feelings during cupping. I decided cupping him was the way to fix his issues and his Parkinson’s problems. I did sliding cupping first, and it surprised me; lots of black sand (spot and knots) show up very shortly. Then solid cupping next, and just like my prediction, during the cupping he felt most of the place itchy! TCM is 😉!!!

The itchy feeling mean the bad energy Feng is coming out of his body. The feeling of itchy getting weak and some place the itchy feeling disappear as cupping goes on!!! But till the end of this cupping, some key acupuncture points still itching , need another session. I am looking forward to to fix his problem! By the way , I cupping many people by now in my spa , he is the only one itchy at most cups! Perhaps most people have Parkinson’s are highly itchy during the cupping!

The basic thought of TCM is fix problem before it shows up, if you fix the wind (feng) by cupping or other Chinese medicine before the Parkinson’s show up , perhaps you will not get Parkinson’s!!!!

Cupping and Acupressure Help Neck Pain

What a pleasure yesterday…

Before the treatment.

Client: My neck is really bad and tight where I cannot turn my neck to either side. Do you have a treatment that will help?

The treatment.

I did a one hour session of sliding cupping and solid cupping for him, together with acupressure at several acupuncture points.

After the treatment.

Client: Much better, a little sore but I am rotating in a circular motion. Thank you very much, I will only come to you from now on. You are very good.

My biggest pleasure yesterday is I almost fixed a client’s neck pain!

Muscle pain disappears after three sessions 

My client Jame, the first massage i can’t touch his butt , too much pain.  I told him Chinese medicine think pain means blockage, the pain will disappear very fast , please don’t worry, but you need stand a little bit temporary pain , we must work on it. Yes  the third time the pain had disappeared, no matter how hard I push no more yield!  As well as the place on his chest under the arm and inside the thigh , this two places getting much better but still need more work…
My first time with Jame, I also noticed his body is hard and cold like a big piece of ice, freezing my hands. It’s a common problem I meet, and a basic factor for health. I decided on cupping him , solid and sliding to warm his body up. The third time his body feel softer and almost normal temperature to me!

A thin guy gets to normal weight

I have a client at Thornton, the first time he called me to his home is several months ago, I can’t forget this amazing changing happened . I had a thought the first time I massage him , he is so thin he’s good to learn anatomy. During my massage, it was easy to see the structure of human body, and from my knowledge I know he probably sleep not well and has anxiety. He answered yes!

He call me for massage almost every week for a two hour session. About two months later, I suddenly noticed he has gained lots of weight and it’s not easy to see his bones anymore! Surprised, I told him “Oh, you gained some weight, how about your sleep and anxiety? He answered , “better “, he is a silent guy, don’t like chat too much. I say it’s must be my massage make this happen! He said I think so!

In The Beginning

At the beginning I did massage just for making a living and as a transition to treatment with traditional Chinese medicine. I didn’t really like massage itself back then, but one day a thought came to my head—massage is a kind of art. I like massage! Since then my answer to my clients about if I like massage is “yes I love massage, as it’s a kind of art! ” .

I am also very interested in traditional Chinese medicine. Although my Doctor degree is not as an MD, it still helps me a lot in learning traditional Chinese medicine. Sure, I regret a little bit that later that I find out my interest is Chinese medicine. But never too late in our endless life, don’t you think ??? 🙂 So since 2002 I went to every kind of traditional Chinese medicine class in China and followed many specialists in different areas of Chinese medicine.