Jack came in for help with his sinuses, which especially bothered him in the evening. After only one treatment, he texted me the following day to say that his problem was already getting better!


Mike is 55 years old and wasn’t been able to sleep well for 5 years. Usually he would wake up every 1-2 hours, with difficulty falling asleep again. After his first treatment with acupressure he already slept a bit better, much better after the second, and bow sleeps normally after five treatments. Three months later he is still sleeping very well, waking only once to use the restroom and immediately falling asleep again afterward.
Every time I saw him, he expressed his appreciation to me and said “I wish I had met you 5 years ago!”. I told Mike, don’t thank me, thank your good fortune for being willing to trust me and give my accupressure treatment a chance. That is why you are doing so much better than lots of people who don’t believe it can help and remain tortured by their problem forever. So it’s your good luck! 
8 years ago I fixed two of my friends, my massage teacher Sharon and another friend Jianhua. Both of them had super serious sleeplessness. When I met Sharon, she said “3 months, my total amount of sleep has been less than three days. I have tried every kind of doctor and every kind of medicine, but nothing helps.” Jianhua said “My sleep problem is not the typical case that many other people have – I haven’t slept well since I was  born 😄.” I told them both, “Okay, let’s see.”  After their first treatment both did you a little better, after the second they were much better, and after being treated four or five times both began to sleep normally. It is now  almost 9 years since either was treated and they both still sleep normally!

Congested nose

Eric came to let me help his congested nose, he felt very

bad recently as his nose was

completely blocked.

He knows me from when I fixed his gout ,his wife’s stiff neck,and his son’s lower back pain. He  trusted me and again I didn’t disappoint him.

Pictures of our dialogues dialogue here:

I am happy I can help!!!

Restless legs syndromes

Will came to fix his 50 years restless legs, he takes medicine for that every day but still can’t stop the movement. His friend introduced me to him. After the first session, his right leg which is the worst one did not move that night, only let leg moved, and the movement began around 10pm, usually they begin move around 7pm. After second session, his problem was gone, he texted me the kind of message that I look forward to hearing in the early morning “Didn’t take my medicine last night.

Slept great. First time in many years.



Deal with loneliness and other trouble

When loneliness shows up:

First notice, I am lonely now, watch it, feel it.

Second,   Think who is lonely, who who who….,

Third:  I know I am lonely, but the one I know ” I am lonely ” is not lonely, let’s call it “he.” He knows I am lonely, and he is watching and feeling the loneliness.  He himself is watching and is feeling , but he is clear, he is sober, and he is peaceful.  He is what he is, he is happy, and he is not lonely at all.

When you think this way, your loneliness is gone, as he, or exactly the real of you or me is always peaceful.  He never changed, and will never change!

Sweating /flush 

Julie visited me for the third time today. She told me the flush/sweating completely stopped during the night, she need not take sleeping pills any more to fight waking up from sweating. This problem bothered her for almost two years now. And she said her heel pain is much less now. 

So in two sessions Acupressure fixed her two years flush/sweating problems, it’s amazing. 


Julie came for her heel pain heel and flushing sweat during the night, she knows me from my website. Her heel pain has bothered her for many years, I didn’t ask how long she had been sweating, but she told me 4,5,6 times every night, it kept waking her up , and the doctor give her sleeping pill to deal this problem. 

After the first session of my Acupressure, she said she only sweated twice, and the heel pain was much less. After the second session she said only sweated once and her heel felt very good!

I am glad to hear of her progress! 

The last blog is the picture of our dialogues about her progress. 


Meditation is the best medicine in the world, I think. By my experience meditation positively influences several functions of our body and mind. First, it stops wild dreams so you sleep more soundly. Second, it makes our body lighter and feel like 10 or 20 years younger. Third, is makes you full of energy so you’re not so tired and sleepy. Fourth, it makes you peaceful ,tranquility and happy. Six, it can make you discover the super potential of our life, and the truth of life-spirit can separate with our body and never die – or what Buddhism called enlightenment! 

I practice many years, the above is my experience except the last one. I hope some day I can be enlightened.

Let’s meditate up !