My Acupressure

Are you facing something that’s hard to fix by western medicine?
I welcome you to give me a try!

My acupressure training.

I followed a famous doctor, Shuangzhen Zhang in China in 2010 and learned his Stomach  Acupressure  Treatment.  He is the 19th generation successor in his family to continue this method.  Before him, this method was only taught inside their own family. It’s the first time it’s been open to the world since 2008.  In 2008 this treatment was selected to China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage and he was chosen as China intangible cultural heritage protected people.

 Centuries of tradition.

Stomach massage and/or acupressure is a typical Chinese medicine brought to us by our ancestors. It scattered in several places in China by different families. They all work on the stomach area but a little bit different in the movements, and all work efficiently and treat most problems except serious heart problems and cancers.

My stomach acupressure treatment.

I  can mix this treatment with body massage or only do this treatment to fix your problems faster – or only body massages, your choice. But I want you to know it’s  efficient to fix problems. Insomnia for one, but there are also lots of other examples, like stomach burning, joint pain….

Insomnia cured in three sessions.

For example, I fixed my massage teacher Sharon’s serious sleeplessness in three sessions.   At the beginning I met her in my massage class, and she sighed, ” I didn’t sleep too much last night.” I asked her if she had a sleep problem, and she answered,” I slept totally maybe less than three days in three months.” I said that maybe I can fix it. She said she had tried every kind of doctor and different medicines, but none had worked. But I fixed her problem in three sessions with this method.