My Massage

Massage does much more than relaxing one’s body.

At the beginning of my massage career, I did massage just to make a living. One time I talked to one of my TCM teachers in China about my job. I told her “I really like acupuncture I don’t like massage too much, I wish some day I could help people with acupuncture just like you”. I couldn’t believe what she told me!

“Every illness that can be fixed by acupuncture can also be fixed by massage!”

Her teaching is one of the reasons I stay with massage and I believe I have proven her wisdom with my practice.

So massage does much more than relaxing you!

Fixing problems is my pursuit. I have lots of experience in fixing joint pain, muscle pain, sleeplessness, stomach, digestive problems and other chronic problems through acupressure and massage!

I have been a licensed masseuse in Denver since 2010.
At the beginning I did massage just as a way to survive, but later I turned out to really like massage, as I realized it’s magical that massage does so much to a human body as well as human mind. Especially when you do it well.

My clients use words like “Amazing! Wonderful! Super massage! Massage heaven! …”

What makes a massage a SUPER massage?

First, knowledge of the human body.

It’s not just the visible structure based on anatomy, it’s also, and more importantly, the invisible part Qi,

What is Qi 炁?

Qi (chee) is a kind of energy that flows along another invisible thing called meridian or Jing Luo. According to our traditional Chinese medicine, blood gets power from Qi. If Qi is weakened or blocked, blood will have trouble to get to some or all places of you body, so your tissue or organs will lack nourishment, and the poisons from digestion will begin deposit in your body due to the inefficient movement of the blood. Then every kind of illness will show up little by little, And this build up more and more and blocks the traffic of Qi, meridian! This is the theory of all Chinese medicine including Chinese Tui na or massage.

My massage is based on both western medicine and Chinese medicine, and not only works on the visible part such as muscles, bones and tendons, joints, skin and lymph nodes, but also works on the invisible meridian, melts the knots, and balances Yin and Yang to bring your body back to normal health.

Second, the health of the people who do the massage.

According to Chinese medicine, energy or Qi exchange is happening while massage is carrying on, including bad with and good quality, so the masseuses must keep in good situations to prevent getting or giving illness from or to the clients, that’s why a good Chinese doctor usually practices some form of kung fu or meditation during their life!

I practice meditation and several kinds of kung fu, Qi Gong to keep my mind and body refreshed and balanced; and to make my massage special by adjusting it to your needs in a deeply tranquil environment using mind power to bring the energy of nature to my clients, and lead them into a deep relaxing state.

Third, a loving heart.

The people who do the massage must have a good heart so the massage can be done with  good healthy mind power, if only for money that will be a big different. I am proud I put helping above money.

Fourth, a good environment

A good environment is also very important, I provide peaceful, relaxing music and a warm, calm and quiet environment in my spa. I will bring a massage table, oils, fresh linens, music and other items to provide a soothing, therapeutic massage in the comfort of your home.